Beth Chan; curriculum vitae

I’m a Master’s student (English Language and Linguistics — Research) at the Department of English, Linguistics and Theatre Studies, National University of Singapore. My research investigates (grammatical) patterns in Singapore English using experimental methods and corpus data. I received my BA in Linguistics at the National University of Singapore under the supervision of Zheng Shen.


Information Density Modulates Singlish Speakers’ Use of Contracted and Null Copulas
Talk at The 8th Asian Junior Linguists Conference, 2023.

Conditions on wh-the-hell licensing: Evidence from Colloquial Singapore English
Talk at The 4th International Conference on Theoretical East Asian Psycholinguistics, 2023. Poster at The 25th Seoul International Conference on Generative Grammar, 2023. (with Zheng Shen)

Right Dislocation in Colloquial Singapore English: A Biclausal Movement Account
Poster at The 31st Conference of the Student Organization of Linguistics in Europe, 2023.

Afterthoughts and Right Dislocation in Colloquial Singapore English: An Experimental Approach
Talk at Penn Linguistics Conference 46, 2022. Talk at The 6th Asian Junior Linguists Conference, 2021.